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SIT50416 - Diploma of Hospitality Management

  • Course Code SIT50416

  • CRICOS course Code 0101696

  • Course Duration 68 weeks

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Course Information

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use sound knowledge of industry operations and a broad range of managerial skills to coordinate hospitality operations. They operate independently, have responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions. This qualification provides a pathway to work in any sector of the hospitality industry as a departmental or small business manager. Possible job titles include: Chef de cuisine or Sous Chef.                                                   

Course Duration

68 weeks; including public holidays, re‐assessment and catch‐up days – full‐time study: 20 hours per week timetabled over 3 days per week (but 30 weeks if a student has completed a SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery & a SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery)

Mode of Study

Face to face delivery on an AIIT campus.


Ground Floor 313‐315 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

17‐21 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

390A Lygon Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057

Entry Requirements

    AIIT requires that all International students must be 18 years of age or over at the time of enrolment in this qualification and must provide evidence that they have obtained or completed one of the following:

  • Have obtained an IELTS band score of at least 5.5 ‐ or equivalent; or 5.0 where the test score is combined with at least 10 weeks ELICOS or 4.5 where the test score is combined with at least 20 weeks ELICOS (‐visa‐english‐languagerequirements);
  • (Note ‐ IELTS ‐ results are valid for two years only: reference:‐gb/articles/202838296‐Howlong‐ are‐my‐results‐and‐certificate‐valid‐for‐); or
  • Have completed a Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level Training Package course in Australia; or,
  • Have completed any Certificate III or Certificate IV in ESL or EAL from the ESL/EAL Framework (VIC); or
  • Have completed the ELICOS Course: General English – Intermediate Level
  • Note – If an International student is not required to provide evidence of their English Language Proficiencies (in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening) at the time of applying for their Student visa (Sub‐class 500) – reference:‐visa‐english‐languagerequirements: English language exemptions, these students will be required to complete AIIT’s English Language Assessment (Copyright to Department of Industry 2013) to determine that they have the required levels (at ACSF Level 3) to satisfactorily complete their course of study; and if they cannot satisfactorily complete this assessment, they will be enrolled in the General English Course at AIIT as a pathway to this qualification.
Units of Competency
  • Prerequisite Unit: SITXFSA101 – Use hygienic practices for food safety is a pre‐requisite unit which the student must be deemed competent before they can Commercial Cookery Units of Competency.
  • Total number of units – 28 (This qualification has 13 core units and 15 elective units)

    • BSBDIV501
      Manage diversity in the workplace
    • BSBMGT517
      Manage operational plan
    • SITXCCS007
      Enhance the customer service experience
    • SITXCCS008
      Develop and manage quality customer service practices
    • SITXCOM005
      Manage conflict
    • SITXFIN003
      Manage finances within a budget
    • SITXFIN004
      Prepare and monitor budgets
    • SITXGLC001
      Research and comply with regulatory requirements
    • SITXHRM002
      Roster staff
    • SITXHRM003
      Lead and manage people
    • SITXMGT001
      Monitor work operations
    • SITXMGT002
      Establish and conduct business relationships
    • SITXWHS003
      Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
    • SITXFSA002
      Participate in safe food handling practices
    • SITXFSA001
      Use hygienic practices for food safety
    • SITHKOP005
      Coordinate cooking operations
    • SITHIND002
      Source and use information on the hospitality industry
    • BSBCMM401
      Make a presentation
    • BSBADM502
      Manage meetings
    • SITXINV003
      Purchase goods
    • SITXWHS002
      Identify hazards assess and control safety risks
    • SITXFIN002
      Interpret Financial Information
    • SITXHRM004
      Recruit, select and induct staff
    • SITXHRM006
      Monitor staff performance
    • SITHKOP007
      Design and cost menus
    • SITHKOP004
      Develop menus for special dietary requirements
    • SITXFSA004
      Develop and implement a food safety program
    • SITXINV004
      Control stock
    • Duration: If a student is required to complete all of the 28 Units of Competency in this qualification they will be delivered and assessed in 68 weeks (as listed on CRICOS); but 30 weeks if a student has completed a SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery & a SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at AIIT.