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About US

Australian International Institute of Technology

Is a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation based in Melbourne CBD. AIIT is accredited by Department of Education and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), and is nationally recognised. Australian International Institute of Technology Pty Ltd ATF AIIT Unit Trust Trades as Australian International Institute of Technology.

The Institute delivers accredited courses in the field of Leadership and Management.

Australian International Institute of Technology’s strong academic program attracts students to study our Diploma or Certificate courses.

Students who graduate from Australian International Institute of Technology will have an in-depth knowledge in the field of study

Numerous Institutes offers lots of choices. But we help you to make those important decisions, which will impact the rest of your career.

Choosing a stream of study can seem like an overwhelming dilemma. It need not be. We can help you to choose a stream, which can prepare you for employment or you can obtain a credit transfer to move to any University.

Your career choice belongs to you. Australian International Institute of Technology offers courses in Leadership and Management. Find a course which best suits your particular talents and aspirations.

These educational programs emphasize on advance preparation which enables our students to lead meaningful and productive lives in a competitive world.

Graduates of our Institute are well equipped to think, communicate, learn, and will be offered opportunities to lead, work with others, and make lifelong friendships.

  • We are home to our International students.